‘Pearl’: First Poster Teases Ti West’s Prequel to ‘X’!! Check It Out!!

A24 has announced that the trailer for Pearl, the prequel to Ti West’s X that was alluded to in its end credits scene, will be dropping tomorrow. Along with the trailer announcement, the popular independent entertainment company released the poster for the film featuring Mia Goth, who played both Maxine and Pearl in X.

The production company shared the poster for the “X-traordinary origin story” on Twitter. It depicts Goth returning as a younger version of Pearl, one of her characters from the first film. The character is posed demurely in a red dress and with her bloody hands framing her face on the retro-styled promotional poster. Below, it appears to be her wielding an axe above one of her victims once again, with the blood spilling out and spelling out the film’s title.

Based in the end credits scene in X, its prequel Pearl gives the backstory on how the elderly farm owner became the titular character with a violent streak in the first film. The film takes place in 1919, when the dilapidated barn belonging to Pearl and her husband Howard (Stephen Ure) looked practically brand new. The promotional post-credit scene quickly changed from bubbly music and a young Pearl happily dancing in front of a mirror to dark horror movie vibes when she wheels an old man in a wheelchair out to the pier of the alligator-infested lake. From this, audiences are able to assume that Pearl will give them more of the character’s early-life decades before the events in X.

Returning as the writer and director for X as well, West shared that he wrote the script for the prequel only a few weeks before they started to film X in New Zealand. He shot Pearl in secret and in tandem with the making of X, using some of the same cast and crew as well as the setting. West has also said that he intends to conclude the trilogy with another installment, although there is little information on how it could be connected to the first two films.

In addition to her portrayal of the elderly Pearl and the fresh-faced Maxine in X, Goth is well-known for her role of Hannah in the Gore Verbinski’s 2016 film A Cure for Wellness. The actress has an even greater depth of experience in the horror genre with the 2018 remake Suspiria, which is based on the classic Dario Argento slasher of the same name. Goth also previously starred alongside Anya Taylor-Joy in Emma.

Pearl has not set a release date. Check out the poster below.

pearl poster mia goth
Image via A24

via Collider

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