‘The Flash’: Upcoming DC Film’s Fate Uncertain as Ezra Miller Faces Legal Charges!!

Warner Bros. Discovery still hasn’t decided what to do with The Flash, as the film’s leading star Ezra Miller keeps getting involved in criminal activities. According to THR, the company is studying the damage caused to the franchise due to Miller’s erratic behavior. If things get worse in the upcoming weeks, Warner Bros. Discovery might even opt to scrap the project entirely.

Miller joined the DC Extended Universe in 2014, the same year a solo movie of the Flash was announced. In the following years, Miller made cameos as the Scarlet Speedster in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad before starring in 2017’s Justice League. A lot has changed in the DCEU in the meantime, with Zack Snyder being pushed away by Warner and Walter Hamada taking over the task of reorganizing DC’s slate of theatrical releases. As for The Flash, the movie underwent several changes until it became an adaptation of the beloved Flashpoint storyline featuring Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as different Batmen.

The Flash‘s future became compromised after star Miller got arrested in Hawaii twice for disorderly conduct, accused of having stolen a passport, and threatened a couple in a karaoke bar. Even more disturbing is that Miller has been keeping a mother and three children on his farm in Vermont for unknown reasons. The actor has also been accused of supplying illegal drugs to an underaged boy, and last Wednesday, Miller was detained for robbing some alcohol bottles. Miller‘s unhinged behavior can harm both The Flash and Warner, and amidst a massive restructuring of the DCEU that led to the canceling of multiple projects, the company must decide sooner than later what to do with the star.

So far, Warner Bros. Discovery has bet on the public’s short memory and hoped the situation would cool down before The Flash’s release on June 2023. However, since Miller has been adding new crimes to his records, that option is no longer on the table. So now the company only has three courses of action.

The better case scenario is to convince Miller to claim he needs professional help, apologize for his actions, and commit to some sort of treatment. Hollywood loves redemption stories, especially for rich white people, so that would ensure The Flash can still have a smooth release. If Miller refuses to get help, Warner Bros. Discovery needs to recast the role of the Flash for future projects but can still try to release the film while stopping the star from participating in the marketing campaign. That’s a risky move, though, forcing Warner Bros. Discovery to consider shelving The Flash as a third option, an unprecedented move considering its $200 million budget. Whatever they might decide, they better do it fast, as the clocking is ticking, and the pressure over Warner Bros. Discovery to make Miller an example grows every day.

The Flash is currently scheduled to come to theaters on June 23, 2023.


via Collider

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