‘Goodnight Mommy’: New Clip Teases the Terrifying Remake Starring Naomi Watts!! Check It Out!!

The closer to Halloween we get, the more scary content we feast on. On September 16, the remake of Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s psychological horror Goodnight Mommy will premiere on Amazon‘s Prime Video. Starring Naomi Watts as the titular Mother, the isolation thriller poses a frightening scenario for two twin boys (Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti) who begin to suspect their mother isn’t who she says she is. Leading up to the premiere, Prime Video has dropped a first-look clip titled “Angry Mom,” and Watts is serving up a tense performance as the movie’s mysterious mother figure.

In the film, the two young brothers, Elias and Lucas, are driven out to their mother’s isolated country home. After their father drops them off, the twins discover their mother’s face is completely obscured by bandages. She claims to have undergone serious cosmetic surgery, which strikes the boys as odd since no surgery was ever mentioned to them. Things grow increasingly more suspicious when their loving mother begins setting bizarre rules and smoking around the house — behaviors they’d never witnessed before. She never removes the bandages, her attitude towards her sons grows more tense with each passing day, and she destroys drawings they give to her. It seems impossible, but the boys begin to wonder if the woman beneath those bandages is even their mother at all.

In the clip, the boys are already tucked into bed and watching a video on their phone. Watts can be heard singing “You Are My Sunshine” in a recording, but in seconds the doorknob is rattling as Mother attempts to barge into their locked bedroom. The woman who furiously lets herself into the room is a far cry from the sweet melodic woman singing on the phone, which one of the brothers tucks beneath his pillow. The clip shows a tense moment as Watts tears the room apart in search of the very phone the boys are trying to hide from her. Her portrayal of Mother is curt and malevolent as she gets in their faces and hisses at them, and in one scene alone the audience can sense the abject fear her own sons experience from her behavior.

Oscar-nominee Watts solidified her place in the genre as the tenacious (to a fault) reporter in 2002’s remake of The Ring. Prior to that, fans knew her from David Lynch‘s psycho-thriller Mulholland Drive, before going on to starring roles in 21 Grams opposite Sean Penn, and The Impossible, both of which earned the actress her Academy Award nominations. Another horror remake Watts gave an edge-of-your-seat performance in was 2007’s Funny Games. Her next project, announced earlier this year, is a role in Ryan Murphy‘s anthology series Feud.

Prime Video‘s remake of Goodnight Mommy is directed by Matt Sobel, with a screenplay adapted from the original by Kyle Warren. Both Fiala and Franz serve as executive producers.

Goodnight Mommy premieres on Friday, September 16 only on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the first-look clip below:

via Collider

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