‘Stargirl’: Brec Bassinger Teases Crossover with ‘Titans’!!

The DC universe is currently in the middle of an unknown void thanks to the recent merger of Warner Brothers and Discovery, especially on the TV side of things, which has seen The Flash, Naomi, Batwoman, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow all get canceled. However, one of the series still on the air is Stargirl and now the super heroine herself, Brec Bassinger, has teased a potential crossover with another popular DC show Titans.

Bassinger shared an image on Instagram of her with Titans’ star Ryan Potter, who plays Beast Boy on that series. Stargirl creator Geoff Johns and director Eric Dean Seaton are in the picture as well. The caption for the tease reads, “Omg, so crazy running into my friends in Toronto. Crazy coicindence. cRaZy. #dcstargirl Xo.” With Bassinger completely in her Stargirl costume, it’s hard to believe that this is all a crazy coincidence. Also, although Titans films in Canada, Stargirl typically films in the United States. So what does this all mean? We could be seeing Stargirl on an episode of Titans this season. How or why? That remains unknown, but it’s hard to believe we’ll see any of the Titans strolling through sunny Blue Valley anytime soon given the self-contained murder mystery nature of Stargirl‘s current season. However, Titans is a different story. Going up against the likes of Lex Luthor, Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx in the upcoming season, Nightwing and his team might need some help.

Also, if Stargirl does appear on Titans, this means it will probably be a different version of the hero than we are used to in her self-titled series. In the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, fans learned that Stargirl takes place on Earth 2, while Titans takes place on Earth 9. If this crossover does indeed happen, it will be interesting to see how the darker Titans handle a more bubbly and lighthearted character like Stargirl. Titans aren’t unfamiliar with big crossovers either as the Doom Patrol were introduced in Season 1 before that odd ball team got their own series.

While Titans has been hit-and-miss in its first three seasons, Stargirl has been one of the best series WB and The CW have ever produced. In its first two seasons, it has celebrated the golden age of comics and The Justice Society of America while effectively updating the lore for a modern age. The show is fun, the characters are endearing, the action is stellar, and the tone blends hilarious humor with some dark real world themes near perfectly. However, that doesn’t mean Titans hasn’t had its moments either. The HBO Max series has been bolstered by a great cast and has taken some genuine risks with the lore. Some haven’t paid off, but the ones that have, like Red Hood, have made the show one of the more unique offerings on any streaming service.

While we shouldn’t expect the entire JSA to come face to face with the Titans, we should hear more news on this potential crossover soon as Titans Season 4 premieres in November. Stargirl is currently in the middle of its third season where it hasn’t lost a beat. While we wait for this superhero team up, you can view the heroic tease down below. You can also catch up on the first three seasons of Titans on HBO Max and Stargirl’s current season on The CW app now.


via Collider

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