‘The Midnight Club’: Kate Siegel to Appear in a Small Cameo!!

There is so much amazing horror content to look forward to this October. For example, if you’re a fan of horror novels and YA terrors, director Mike Flanagan will have you covered with his Netflix series The Midnight Club. The ghost tale is based on the 1994 Christopher Pike novel of the same name along with some of the author’s other well known stories. Coming off a new spooky trailer, the series is set to premiere on Netflix on October 7. It has a cast full of newcomers and horror icons like A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp. However, one actress noticeably absent from the cast is Flanagan regular Kate Siegel. Now the famous horror director has revealed that Siegel will have a very small cameo in the series.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who ask why Siegel wasn’t in the upcoming horror series, the Midnight Mass director said that the actress was shooting the HBO Max series The Time Traveler’s Wife while Midnight Club was in production. However, this is when he revealed that Siegel would have a cameo and said, “ I can’t wait to see if people can spot it… you’ll have to wait til it airs!” In a similar exchange with Mike Flanagan Source on Twitter, Flanagan further elaborated that the role is, “VERRRRRRRY small- 90% of people will miss it”. In this same thread the director also teased that there will be other hidden cameos to look out for as well.

No matter how small Siegel’s role in the series is, this should be very exciting news for any fan of Flanagan’s work. Since Oculus in 2013, Flanagan has been one of the best horror minds on both the big and small screen. For the last decade it has felt like he has been crafting genre masterpiece after genre masterpiece: Hush, Gerald’s Game, Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House, and Midnight Mass just to name a few. Siegel, who’s also Flanagan’s wife, has been a big part of the director’s success being in nearly every one of his projects since Oculus. They even wrote Hush together, which Siegel delivered a killer lead performance in. She’s simply one of the most underrated actresses of our generation with her performance in Midnight Mass also being one of the most emotionally soul crushing turns the genre has ever seen. Because of both their brilliance, Siegel and Flanagan have quickly become genre legends.

Given that The Midnight Club is Flanagan’s first foray into the YA genre and the cast is mostly filled with amazing younger talent, it makes sense why Siegel wouldn’t have a major role to play in this particular story. However, like all the hidden ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House, it’s going to be fun to look out for her throughout the series. Siegel will be starring in Flanagan’s other upcoming Netflix series The Fall of the House of Usher which is set to premiere sometime in 2023. While horror fans anxiously wait for that and Siegel’s cameo in The Midnight Club, you can view Flanagan’s comments as well as watch the haunting new trailer for the series down below. The Midnight Club premieres on Netflix October 7.


via Collider

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