‘Barbarian’ Adds 550 Theaters After Good BO Numbers!!

20th Century Studios original horror hit Barbarian is expanding to more theaters in its third week of release. Positive word of mouth aided in the film’s $10 million opening weekend success in 2,340 theaters. After being in theatrical release for 14 days in the U.S., Barbarian has scared up $23,083,169 at the domestic box office – bringing the film’s worldwide total box office up to $24,119,359, so far.

Exhibitor Relations reported that the horror-thriller, written and directed by Whitest Kids U’ Know alum Zach Cregger, will be expanding to 550 new screens this weekend. The addition brings the total theaters playing Barbarian up from 2,340 its opening weekend to 2,890 in the States this weekend, per Bloody Disgusting. Since the film hit theaters on Sept. 9, horror fans have flocked to theaters for its unique premise, starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long.

Without giving too much of the pic’s intriguing plot away, Barbarian starts with Tess (Campbell) pulling up to a seemingly ordinary house in a Detroit neighborhood while it rains. Having traveled for a job interview the following day, she attempts to get into her Airbnb only to find a man named Keith (Skarsgård) coming to the door. The two quickly realize that the rental must somehow be double booked and although they are frustrated by the mix up, they decide they will share the place for the night due to how late it is in the day. Although wary companions at first, the unlikely duo warms up to each other, sharing a bottle of wine before going to bed in separate rooms for the night. Something wakes them in the middle of the night but Tess makes it to her interview the next morning. The plot that could easily be turned into a romantic comedy – and basically is in Netflix’s Love in the Villa – turns on its head when Tess discovers a secret room when she returns to the house to collect her things.

Not sure how Long’s character fits into the film? That’s something a trip to the movie theaters is sure to fix. Aside from Campbell, Skarsgård and Long, the cast of Barbarian also includes Richard Brake (31), Matthew Patrick Davis (Dwight in Shining Armor), Kurt Braunohler (Big Sick), Jaymes Butler (Resident Evil) and Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns). In addition to writing and directing, Cregger appeared in the film which is a departure from his work in sketch comedy, being one of the founding members of Whitest Kids U’ Know. Producers for Barbarian are Arnon Milchan, Roy Lee, Raphael Margules, and J.D. Lifshitz. Yariv Milchan, Michael Schaefer, Natalie Lehmann, Danny Chan, Alex Lebovici, and Skarsgård serve as executive producers.

Barbarian is in theaters now.


via Collider

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