‘Ruthless’: Dermot Mulroney to Star in Upcoming Action Thriller!!

Deadline reports that Dermot Mulroney has been announced to star in the upcoming action-thriller Ruthless. The film will star the actor as a high school coach on a mission to save one of his students, and is set to start filming later this month.

Mulroney is an actor known largely for his leading man roles in romantic comedies. He starred in the iconic Julia Roberts movie My Best Friend’s Wedding as well as other films in the genre like The Wedding Date and The Family Stone. He has also starred in dramas like August: Osage County, horror movies like Insidious: Chapter 3, and action movies like Young Guns. In the world of television, Mulroney has appeared in recurring roles on series like FriendsAmerican Horror StoryShameless, and New Girl. Mulroney was also recently announced to be in the upcoming and highly anticipated horror sequel Scream 6.

Ruthless will follow Mulroney as a coach working at a high school, and processing the traumatic death of his daughter when one of his students gets kidnaped by a “sex trafficking operation”. In the grand tradition of films like Taken, he takes it upon himself to set out on a mission to rescue her. Mulroney’s co-stars in the film have yet to be announced.

Art Camacho, a stuntman and fight coordinator turned director, will be directing Ruthless from a script he co-wrote with James Dean Simington. Camacho has previously directed a number of action movies that have starred the likes of Ice-TGary Busey, and Richard Grieco. Camacho and Simington previously wrote the action movie Assasin X and the web series The Camacho Experiment together.

Ruthless will be produced by Elias Axume for PEG and Al Bravo of Al Bravo Films. Additionally, executive producers on the film will include Bryan Foster with Carlos Rincon for PEG. PEG is a production company that specializes in action movies like Ruthless. Other films it currently has in post-production include Palido, starring Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, and Shrapnel, starring The Lost Boys’ Jason Patric.

Stay tuned to Collider for any future updates on Mulroney and this film. Check out the full synopsis for Ruthless below:

The story follows a high school coach (Mulroney), traumatised by the death of his daughter, who takes matters into his own hands by going after the men who kidnap one of his students for a sex trafficking operation.

via Collider

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