‘The Suspect’ Trailer Sees Aidan Turner’s Life Unravel!! Check It Out!!

Get ready, a fresh British thriller is gearing up to take over the small screen. The Suspect, which stars The Hobbit‘s Aidan Turner is set to give audiences with an appetite for murder mysteries plenty to sink their teeth into over the course of the five-part series.

A new trailer for the crime show, based on the 2004 bestselling novel of the same title by Michael Robotham, gives audiences a glimpse into the rapid unraveling of Doctor Joe O’Loughlin’s (Turner) life as he goes from public hero to prime suspect. A gripping teaser shows flourishing clinical psychologist Joe at the height of his adoration after he selflessly steps out onto the ledge of a building to save a patient ready to jump. “All fear can be overcome rational and irrational. Sometimes we need help in doing that,” Joe is heard advising in a monologue narrated over the events.

But it is clear not all is as it seems as the clip of Joe’s heroism is quickly succeeded by the body of a woman named Catherine, who is suspected to have been brutally stabbed 21 times, being unzipped from a body bag. Brought in as an advisor on the case, Joe is quick to point out that the victim could have inflicted the wounds herself after noticing signs she struggled with self-injury in the past. Despite his pristine media profile, Joe’s immaculate life quickly falls apart as he becomes entangled in the murder case after a detective (Anjli Mohindra) reveals the victim was in fact a patient of his at one time.

When confronted, the visibly distressed doctor labels Catherine as a “patient who became infatuated with her therapist.” His comments are overlayed with a questionable sequence of Joe and Catherine standing opposite one another in the hallway of his clinic. Things quickly go from bad to worse as Joe is thrown off the case and brought in for questioning. “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of humiliating me!” he decries to a friend. When prompted on who he’s referring to, Joe adamantly declares, “whoever set me up.” Police officer DI Vincent Ruiz (Shaun Parkes) is then seen desperately questioning whether to brand him a “rooftop hero or sick killer,” as Joe is seen standing in the dark – and pouring rain – looking inside someone’s house.

The Suspect, which was written by Gangs of London writer Peter Berry, first aired in the United Kingdom back in August. It saw mass success, becoming the biggest drama launch of the year for the British broadcasting network, Channel 4, with a staggering 3.3 million consolidated viewers. The show also stars Save Me actress Camilla BeeputVigil star Adam JamesFleabag‘s Sian Clifford, and Anthony actor Bobby Scofield.

It won’t be long before International audiences are able to solve the mystery themselves with just weeks until all five episodes of The Suspect premieres on Thursday, November 3 on Sundance Now and AMC+. You can watch the trailer here:

via Collider

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