‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’: Upcoming DC Sequel Getting a Tie-In Comic Written By the Cast!!

It won’t be long until Shazam’s next adventure in the DCEU hits theaters, so DC is releasing quite the unique tie-in comic to prepare fans. The cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods are getting together to write their own tales of the magical heroes in Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters #1.

While Shazam largely refers to a solo hero, most often Billy Batson, the title has become a catch-all for the siblings that he shares the power of the Wizard with. Billy, along with his family members Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla, all have the power of Shazam, and can transform into powerful magic heroes by saying the iconic phrase. The family was the subject of the DC Extended Universe movie Shazam! which featured the origin of all six heroes. A sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, has been in production, and aims to release early next year.

But before the sequel arrives on the silver screen, the cast is getting together to tell their own stories about the Shazam Family. DC revealed Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters #1 in its solicitations for February 2023. The book is written by several actors who portray the Shazam Family such as Zachary Levi, Grace Caroline Currey, Ross Butler, D.J. Cotrona, Adam Brody, and Faithe Herman. Shazam! screenwriter Henry Gayden also contributes to the anthology, as does comic creators Colleen Doran, Josh Trujillo, and Tim Seeley. The anthology is illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II and Andrew Drilon. Jim Lee and Scott Williams provide the main cover, with variants being done by Mayo “Sen” Naito and Logan Faerber. The one-shot will also come with a photo variant featuring the film’s heroes.

This isn’t the first time DC has had comics written by actors who have portrayed comic characters. Kevin Conroy penned a Batman story for DC Pride, and Paul Dano is currently writing a prequel to The Batman with The Riddler: Year One. But this is one of the bigger and more involved tie-in comics, as Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters #1 will have at least six tales, with each actor writing a story about their particular Shazam! character. Such a group effort truly illustrates the franchise’s biggest theme: family.

Shazam might have started as a singular hero, but the character is intrinsically linked with his family. The Shazam comics emphasize the strength the heroes have when they fight as the Shazam Family rather than solo heroes. It makes sense that instead of one or two actors to pen a tie-in comic, it becomes a family affair that involves as much of the cast as possible. Not only does it allow the actors to explore the heroes they portray, it hammers home the importance of the bonds people share, whether it’s a family of siblings or a family of actors. Before catching their next DCEU outing, fans can see the family in Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters #1 when it releases February 28, 2023.


via Screen Rant

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