‘Servant’ Season 4 Trailer Teases a Mind-Bending Finale to the M. Night Shyamalan Series!! Check It Out!!

Night Shyamalan is an acclaimed filmmaker and producer, best known for his work in the supernatural genre. With highly lauded films such as the 1999’s The Sixth Sense and the 2016’s Split, it is not surprising at this point if another Shymalan-directed and produced piece turns out to be successful at giving the audiences the chills and thrills. Servant Season 4 has a new trailer that shows Uncle George returning to tell more about Leanne Grayson and the “death and destruction” she brought to the Turner family. To no one’s surprise, the trailer promises a more terrifying and eerie conclusion to the series.

The most recent trailer depicts Dorothy in a wheelchair, explaining how terrified she is of Leanne, whom Uncle George describes as someone who demonstrated an act of love when she first arrived at the house. However, “when she’s happy, things are good,” but “when she’s angry, things go bad,” as Sean Turner explains. The Turner family is once again embroiled in an increasing threat from Leanne, all while Dorothy is finally waking up, setting up a suspenseful conclusion. If Leanne wins, the city of Philadelphia will fall — and the scariest part of it all is that it’s only the beginning of the final reckoning, with Leanne confessing that she’s starting to like the way the destruction she causes feels.

The first season of Servant follows Sean and Dorothy as they grieve over the loss of their 13-week-old son Jericho. This led to a rift in their marriage, which caused a malevolent force to infiltrate their home. Things got worse for the family when a young nanny named Leanne Grayson was brought in to look after the lifelike reborn doll, which was created to help Dorothy cope with her grief. The first three seasons of Servant left fans with more questions than answers, making it a somewhat incoherent horror story. But with a mysterious approach and effective performances from the show’s stars, they established enough suspense to keep viewers asking for more.

Over the course of three seasons, Leanne has evolved into an absolute monster, and we still don’t know what else she can do with all that demonic energy. The new trailer highlights Leanne leaning into her abilities, implying a more thrilling conclusion. Season 3 ended with Dorothy falling down a staircase and Leanne snatching the resurrected Jericho—the lifelike doll—who turns out to have been alive all along, as revealed in the final episode of the first season. Picking up where Season 3 left off, the trailer for Season 4 teased that the truth about Leanne will finally be explained, as well as the truth about baby Jericho.

Lauren Ambrose (Dorothy), Toby Kebbell (Sean), Nell Tiger Free (Leanne), and Rupert Grint (Julian) will reprise their roles in the final season. Season 4 of Servant premieres on Apple TV+ on January 13, 2023. So mark your calendars, as you’re up for a seriously chilling Friday the 13th treat.

Check out the Season 4 synopsis and the newest trailer below.

“Following its suspenseful season three finale, season four brings the final chapter of the Turner story to an epic and emotional conclusion. Leanne’s war with the Church of Lesser Saints heightens, threatening Spruce street, the city of Philadelphia, and beyond. Meanwhile, the shattered Turner family must not only confront the increasing threat of Leanne but the certain reality that Dorothy is waking up. As the Turner family brownstone continues to crumble, questions are finally answered: who is Leanne Grayson and who is the child in their home?”


via Collider

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