‘BEEF’: First Images Tease A24’s New Dark Comedy Series Starring Steven Yeun, Ali Wong!! Check It Out!!

The worlds of Steven Yeun and Ali Wong collide in the first images for A24‘s new dark comedy series BEEF. Announced back in 2021, the series is created and showrun by Lee Sung Jin and follows two total strangers whose lives become intertwined after a road rage incident pits them against each other. As their feud continuously grows and branches out, it threatens to unravel the very fabric of their lives and relationships. In addition to bringing the laughs, it’s also described as a deeply moving series with plenty of heart. The images provide a look at the two main characters’ individual lives that are about to come undone thanks to grade-A, vicious beef.

In the series, Yeun plays Danny Cho, a failing contractor with a chip on his shoulder while Wong plays self-made entrepreneur Amy Lau whose picturesque life is threatened by her beef with Cho. Their lives couldn’t be more different as Cho continues to struggle while Lau enjoys the finer things in life. Whatever is happening in Cho’s world is apparently enough to keep him awake at night as shown in one of the images. Conflicting with Lau is enough to put her on edge too, pushing her to brandish a gun and constantly look over her shoulder. Each has their own relationships on the line as well as Lau has George (Joseph Lee) and Cho has Paul (Young Mazino) at their sides in the images.

The combo of Yeun and Wong is a strong one for Netflix which has an established relationship with both. Yeun previously starred in Okja, Bong Joon-ho‘s action-adventure flick which the streamer picked up, as well as 3Below: Tales of Arcadia. Outside the Netflix fold, he’s exploded though, leading Prime Video‘s Invincible and Minari as well as starring in Jordan Peele‘s Nope. Wong‘s work with the streamer, meanwhile, extends to her various comedy specials including Baby Cobra and Don Wong which earned an Emmy nomination. She’s also previously appeared in American Housewives and Birds of Prey among other things. Previously, Netflix also brought the stars together with the recently-canceled Tuca & Bertie where they co-starred with Tiffany Haddish.

In addition to Yeun, Wong, Lee, and Mazino, BEEF also stars David Choe and Patti Yasutake. The recurring cast for the series includes Maria Bello, Ashley Park, Justin H. Min, Mia Serafino, and Remy Holt. A24 Studios is producing the series which both Yeun and Wong executive produce along with Jin and Jake Schreier.

BEEF Is Based on Lee Sung Jin’s Personal Experience

BEEF is also a bit of a personal story for Jin. The creator, who cut his teeth with credits on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dave, and Silicon Valley, told Netflix that he owes the idea of the series to an angry driver he had to face down in traffic years ago. “Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, A24, and Netflix. It’s a dream team, and I’m honored to be collaborating with them,” he said in an official statement. “I’m also grateful to the guy who yelled at me in traffic three years ago. I did not let it go, and now we have a show.”

BEEF premieres on Netflix on April 6. Check out the first-look images below.

via Collider

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