‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ Opens Big with $118 Million at the BO!!

Disney/Marvel StudiosAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania notched a $33.8M Saturday, -27% from Friday+previews $46M, which will get the Peyton Reed– directed threequel to a $104M 3-day, $118M 4-day, per Disney this AM. Per box office analytics corp EntTelligence, Ant-Man 3 pulled in 7M admissions this past weekend, more than doubling Uncharted‘s admissions a year ago.

Saturday’s ease is better, percent- wise, than the Friday-to-Saturday hold for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (-36%), Thor: Love and Thunder (-40%) and not far from Eternals (-22%). The first two movies were rated B+ by moviegoers, while Eternals has a B, which is what Ant-Man 3 received.

Disney will be in more business with Majors outside the MCU: As Deadline first told you, sister arthouse label Searchlight recently acquired the actor’s tour-de-force drama Magazine Dreams out of Sundance, in which he plays a disturbed amateur bodybuilder; a pic that will be positioned for the next awards season.

Box Office analytics corp EntTelligence shows that Ant-Man 3 was an exhibitor’s dream, playing largely evenly to all dayparts throughout the day, read 20% of all admissions before 1pm, 32% between 1p-5p, 24% between 5p-8p and 24% after 8pm. The average ticket price for Ant-Man 3 was $13.98 to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s $13.61. Those in NYC shelled out an average of $17.20 to see the Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Majors movie, while in L.A., the going price was $15.50. Top markets in regards to admissions, not box office, for the latest MCU title per EntTelligence were L.A., NYC, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Phoenix, Houston, Philly and DC.

Imax auditoriums minted $12.2M stateside for Ant-Man 3, 10% of the pic’s 4-day take, which doubles the debut of Ant-Man and the Wasp, which had an Imax opening of $6M.The domestic Imax opening for Ant-Man 3 makes it third-best for the Presidents Day holiday, behind Black Panther and Deadpool.

Those spots yielded 1.31 billion impressions across ABC, ESPN, Fox, FX, and NatGeo. Ant-Man 3 spots aired during NFL games, NBA games, SportsCenter, Good Morning America and SpongeBob Squarepants. Disney capitalized on its ABC synergy with custom content and a special look of Ant-Man 3 on their hit show Abott Elementary.

Disney Channel’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs stars interviewed pic’s star Kathryn Newton and Freeform ran broadcast/digital/social content featuring cast interviews. On NBC, there was a sponsorship and special look during the new Quantum Leap episode. On Adult Swim, there were irreverent custom cards & clips.

Disney had blitz days for Ant-Man 3 targeting women (moms are the drivers on family pics such as these) with paid digital support on Bustle, Elite Daily, TikTok, Hulu, Spotify, and Popsugar takeovers. Broadcast spots also included such femme heavy channels as Bravo, E! and MTV. For multicultural audiences, blitz days included takeovers and videos on mitú, Essence, The Grio, Complex, and broadcast on Telemundo and Univision. Disney went after families with an Alexa home screen takeover, and broadcast on The Masked Singer and America’s Got Talent All Stars.

But there were also several promo-partner cobranded Quantumania spots. In total, I hear it’s the biggest promo-partner campaign for an Ant-Man movie.

Heineken made a cross promo splash, which iSpot estimates at a $19.3M spend, which pulled in 967M TV ad impressions. Heineken’s repped the first Marvel Studios promotional partnership in the nonalcoholic beer category. The campaign kicked off with two major events with Dry January leading up to Super Bowl. The spot was also the first nonalcoholic beer for a :30 TV placement in-game.

Volkswagen touted their new all electric ID.4 vehicle:

Inspired by the workplaces of the MCU, ZipRecruiter’s spot centered around the PymVanDyne Foundation. iSpot estimates a $325K spend here which grabbed 55M TV ad impressions.

TaxAct had its first entertainment partnership with Quantumania, with its spokesperson “April” on TV and digital. Overall a $209K TV spot spend per iSpot, with 62M TV ad impressions.

Marvel Studios’ first partnership with IHOP offered fans the chance to receive a movie ticket with support in-restaurant/TV/digital. iSpot estimates that the IHOP campaign was worth a $1.2M spend that nabbed 288M impressions.

You’ll remember the whole campaign for Ant-Man 3 fired off at the return-to-in-person San Diego Comic-Con, where the first trailer was dropped exclusively for those in Hall H. The pic’s stars continued on to Brazil’s Comic Con Experience 2022 (CCXP) (Dec. 1) and D23 Expo (Sept. 10).

In an early Comscore read, the 2023 box office is approaching $1 billion. By EOD Monday, it’s estimated to hit $994.1M, which is a roaring 53% ahead of the same Jan. 1-Feb. 20 period last year.

Numbers as of Sunday AM:

1.) Ant-man and the Wasp Quantumania (Dis) 4,345 theaters, Fri $46M, Sat $33.8M Sun $24.2M Mon $14M 3-day $104M, 4-day $118M/Wk 1

2.) Avatar: The Way of Water (Dis) 2,675 theaters (-390), Fri $1.35M (-21%), Sat $2.7M Sun $1.9M Mon $1.38M 3-day $6.1M (-15%),4-day $7.5M Total $658.4M /Wk 10

3.) Puss in Boots: Last Wish (Uni) 3,012 theaters (-215), Fri $1.2M (-8%) Sat $2.25M Sun $1.8M Mon $1.7M 3-day $5.26M (-6%), 4-day $6.97M Total $167.7M/Wk 9

4.) Magic Mike’s Last Dance (WB) 3034 (+1538) theaters, Fri $1.7M (-59%) Sat $2.1M Sun $1.6M 3-day $5.525M (-33%), 4-day $6.3M, total $18.9M/Wk 2

5.) Knock at the Cabin (Uni) 2,601 (-1056) theaters, Fri $1M (-41%), Sat $1.7M Sun $1.19M Mon $590K 3-day $3.9M (-28%),4-day $4.49M Total $30.96M /Wk 3

6.) 80 for Brady (Par) 3,119 (-820) theaters, Fri $990K (-46%)Sat $1.5M Sun $1.07M Mon $650K 3-day $3.6M (-38%), 4-day $4.25M/Total $32.8M/Wk 3

7.) Titanic (Par) 2,132 theaters (-332), Fri $620K (-77%), Sat $955K Sun $715K Mon $430K 3-day $2.29M (-66%), 4-day $2.7M, Total $12.8M/Wk 2

8.) Marlowe (Briarcliff) 2281 theaters, Fri $540K,Sat $760K Sun $610K Mon $350K 3-day $1.9M 4-day $2.26M Total $3M/Wk 1

9.) Missing (Sony) 1,516 (-799) theaters, Fri $425K (-40%), Sat $760K Sun $540K Mon $300K 3 day $1.72M (-32%) 4 day $2.025M Total $29.9M/Wk 5

10.) A Man Called Otto (Sony) 1,725 (-1,099) theaters, Fri $400K (-50%) Sat $683K Sun $517K $300K Mon 3-day $1.6M (-38%) 4-day $1.9M Total $60.9M/Wk 8

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (Fath) Fri $202K, Sat $272K Sun $204K 3-day $679,2K 4-day $750K Total $1.58M/Wk 1

Of an Age (Foc) 289 theaters, Fri $190K, Sat $120K, Sun $96K, Mon $48K, 3-day $406K, 4-day $455K/Wk 1

Emily (BST) 5 theaters Fri $15,7K Sat $13,2K Sun $11,2K Mon $6,7K 3-day $40,1K 4-day $46,8K/Wk 1

via Deadline

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