‘Yellowstone’: Matthew McConaughey led Spin-off Moving Forward at Paramount!!

As the scheduling standoff continues for the filming of the fifth season of the beloved series Yellowstone, there might be some hope for a new direction for the franchise. It looks like the highly anticipated Matthew McConaughey offshoot series is officially confirmed, according to ViacomCBS president Chris McCarthy in a recent statement to THR. This news comes after reports that the original series might be coming to a close.

As Collider has previously reported, it looks like Yellowstone might be coming to an end with its fifth season. This is reportedly due to scheduling conflicts between the series star, Kevin Costner, and the studio regarding shooting schedules for the back half of Season 5. Costner is currently pivoting back to his role as director on the upcoming film Horizon. The second half of Season 5 is supposed to air this summer, however, there is currently no set premiere date, and there is no clear answer on when filming for the season will finish.

The Yellowstone Universe Is Expanding With or Without Kevin Costner

This delay in filming is certainly not slowing down the expansion of the Yellowstone universe. Spinoff series such as Yellowstone: 1883 and Yellowstone: 1923 have proven themselves to be just as if not more engaging at points than the original series, all while exploring the lore of the Dutton clan. And the involvement of screen legends such as Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford has only further boosted the franchise.

The exact details regarding McConaughey‘s spinoff have not yet been released. However, it is clear the famous Texan will have no trouble stepping into the Western genre. There is some speculation the McConaughey will be joining the Yellowstone spinoff 6666, which is partially based on the series creator Taylor Sheridan‘s Texas ranch. However, this has not been confirmed. The 6666 spinoff has been much talked about, and in 2022 plans for the series were moved from streaming to a linear format.

Taylor Sheridan is the mind behind all the Yellowstone series, as well as such star-led series as Tulsa King and Mayor of Kingstown. The confirmation that McConaughey is joining the Yellowstone universe has proven to be a revitalizing force for the franchise as production on the original series has paused, leaving fans waiting indefinitely for the conclusion to the series that started it all. All seasons of the repertoire of Yellowstone series are now available to stream on Paramount+. And we’ll just have to wait and see what McConaughey will bring to the franchise.


via Collider

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