‘The Nurse’ Trailer Teases an Intense Danish Crime Series!! Check It Out!!

Could the oath to do no harm mean nothing? Netflix upcoming Danish crime series The Nurse is set to look into the story of one for whom that oath meant very little. The Nurse tells the bone chilling tale of a nurse who is convicted on four counts of attempted manslaughter. The streamer, ahead of the series’ global premiere on April 27 have released the full length official trailer.

The over two minutes trailer begins with an introduction to Pernille Kurzmann, a young nurse who is set to resume at her job soon. Kurzmann is also responsible for a little child, and the pair are set to have new beginnings in their separate ventures. The rookie nurse’s destination is the Falster hospital on the outskirts of Denmark. It is an institution where everyone knows everyone, a close-knit community and within that bubble, “Everyone loves Christina here in Falster.” Nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen is the witty, charming and charismatic nurse under whom Kurzmann is set to master the craft, if one ever can, of life-saving. “You won’t find a better teacher'” someone says in the trailer and they were right. In the beginning the pair worked perfectly in tandem, a “dream team” of sorts, that is until the mentee began to notice things which were out of place around the mentor.

First came the deaths, then the police show up and begin to ask question. It’s a hospital, you might say. Sadly sometimes, people die in hospitals which is true, however, when “people go into cardiac arrest and drop like flies” in your ward, and with family members stating they had no such prior heart issues, the authorities are bound to take a closer look at situation. Now, the once seemingly kind nurse cannot be trusted with her touch being the harbinger of the Grim Reaper. Now Kurzmann must sneak up on this monster and unearth enough evidence to stop the deaths while putting herself in harm’s way.

Who Stars in ‘The Nurse’?

The upcoming series is based on Kristian Corfixen‘s book titled The Nurse: The True Story Behind One of Scandinavia’s Most Notorious Criminal Trials. The series stars Fanny Louise Bernth (It’s So Charming) as the rookie nurse, Pernille Kurzmann, with Josephine Park (Baby Fever) playing the murderous Christina Aistrup Hansen. Alongside the series’ leads, The Nurse also stars Amalie Lindegård, Peter Zandersen and Dick Kaysø. The series comes from the producers of The Chestnut Man and has Kasper Barfoed directing from a screenplay written by Barfoed and Dorte W Høgh with Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen serving as executive producer.

The Nurse premieres on April 27 on Netflix. Watch the official trailer below:

via Collider

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