‘Stargate’: Amazon Developing New Projects!!

Who knows what humanity will find on the other side when a new Stargate is opened by a new team of heroes, as Amazon is currently developing new projects based on the franchise, according to Deadline. Since the company acquired MGM, they knew they could use the studio’s diverse intellectual property catalog to develop new films and television series based on some the most recognizable brands in the world. As part of the deal, new Stargate movies and shows are currently in development, with a film likely to enter production first. There’s no telling what is awaiting on the other side, as a 90s classic might be brought back to life in unexpected ways.

In the original 1994 film directed by Roland Emmerich, clues are hidden throughout history regarding a mystery set in Ancient Egypt. When a group of archeologists decide to figure out what actually happened, they find a gateway into an unknown world, where they’ll discover a sinister conspiracy staring at them right in the face. Apparently, the Egyptian god Ra turned out to be an alien creature who enslaved humanity in order to mine resources that would allow him to retain his youth. The Stargate had been shut to prevent the aliens from reaching humans again, and now they must be stopped before they continue to hurt people.

The adventure featured a star-studded cast, with performances from Kurt Russell, James Spader and Jaye Davidson sharing the spotlight in the explosive adventure in the search of survival and freeing humanity from oppression. After Stargate became a success at the box office, it ended up as the beginning of a franchise that included a couple of sequels and television series that managed to get renewed for several seasons. Unfortunately, the movies that followed the original were box office bombs, and the franchise was relegated to the small screen before taking a back seat.

Stargate‘s Complicated Comeback

Given the franchise’s potential for expansion, the property seemed like a prime candidate for the current industry landscape focusing on the creation of cinematic universes. Unfortunately, plans for a reboot constantly got scrapped due to a variety of reasons, preventing the portal from bringing more action to either cinemas or the big screen. With Amazon‘s ownership of everything MGM has to offer, the timing couldn’t be more ideal for the development and release of new projects set in the world of Stargate, allowing a new generation to be familiar with the concept of the series.


via Collider

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