A New ‘Bugs Bunny’ Movie Is in the Works!!

Bugs Bunny is preparing for a major comeback, as Robert Rugan has announced that he has been hired by Warner Bros. to write a new live-action and animation hybrid movie featuring the beloved Looney Tunes character. The project hasn’t been officially announced by the studio, so there’s plenty of information still to come regarding any plot details or casting information. Rugan has previously worked in The Curse of Bridge Hollow and Alice’s Misadventures in Wonderland. And now, he’s getting ready to redefine the iconic bunny for the new decade.

There are decades worth of history when it comes to Bugs Bunny, as the leader of the Looney Tunes has been featured in countless projects ever since he made his debut in 1938. The most recent attempt to launch the franchise back to the big screen was Space Jam: A New Legacy, where the Looney Tunes had to team up with LeBron James to win a basketball game, while fixing the complicated relationship between the athlete and his young son. As a heartwarming tale, A New Legacy transformed the characters into modern versions of themselves, with 3D animation involved in the process.

Another memorable big screen adventure Bugs Bunny had was Looney Tunes: Back in Action, where the character teamed up with the recent Academy Award winner, Brendan Fraser. The whole premise of the story began when Daffy Duck (Joe Alasky) demanded his own movie after growing tired of being Bug’s sidekick for years. Since the Looney Tunes television series from that universe simply didn’t work without Daffy, Bugs had to go on a mission to bring him back, ensuring he and the rest of the crew could stay at the studio. The film featured appearances from every major character form the franchise, but it unfortunately became a box office bomb.

It’s Mostly About Television, Folks!

While there have certainly been attempt in recent years to bring the franchise to cinemas, it is clear that the true home of the Looney Tunes will always be the television screen. The most memorable moments audiences have gone through with these characters have mostly come from their various series and specials throughout the decades, even if their history is not as colorful as people might think. It remains to be seen how groundbreaking the upcoming Bugs Bunny movie can be but, for now, all of the Looney Tunes content available on Max will have to be enough.


via Collider

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