‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’: First Footage Teases Multiple Dangers for Maggie and Negan!! Check It Out!!

It’s time for a reunion, in a new teaser for the upcoming spin-off, The Walking Dead: Dead City. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, audiences can get a fresh look at the reunion between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who don’t seem thrilled by the prospect of having to see each other again. Even if, by this point, there are multiple The Walking Dead spin-offs crawling around television, Dead City will actually be the first to be set after the events of the main show. The two characters are on a mission to save Maggie’s son, in a Big Apple infested by multiple dangers, including the dead that have been terrorizing the protagonists since the beginning of this story.

Negan was introduced during the sixth season of The Walking Dead, after his name had been mentioned several times by other characters, constructing a threatening aura of mystery around him. As the leader of The Saviors, Negan was a terrifying presence, with his next move always being incredibly hard to predict. By the end of that season, Negan had captured Daryl (Norman Reedus) and some of his allies, telling them that, while most of them would get to work for him, they had to be punished for their crimes. This lead to the villain killing Glenn (Steven Yeun) with “Lucille”, his baseball bat entangled with barbed wire.

On the other hand, when Maggie first appeared in the narrative of The Walking Dead, she was introduced as Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) quiet daughter, who was ready to help anyone who needed it while she was dealing with a personal battle. The character had always been very connected to her faith but, when the walkers began to spread their reach all over the world, she began to question her beliefs. Over the course of the series, Maggie proved to be a worthy warrior, getting rid of any walker who would dare to threaten her while developing a resilient personality to deal with the post-apocalyptic reality she found herself in.

Where Are the Characters Now?

By the time the main series came to an end, Maggie had already played a part in Milton’s (Dallas Roberts) defeat, followed immediately by a gruesome battle with a hoard of walkers. Since she survived that encounter, she now finds herself looking for her son. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring him back, including heading out to an infected New York alongside one of the franchise’s most despicable antagonists. Time will tell if Maggie and Negan will be able to work together but, more importantly, it remains to be seen if Maggie will be able to rescue her son from imminent danger.

You can check out the new clip from The Walking Dead: Dead City at Entertainment Weekly, before the show premieres on AMC on June 18. You can watch a previous teaser down below.

via Collider

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