‘The Full Monty’ Trailer Teases the Upcoming Sequel Series!! Check It Out!!

Twenty-five years after the beloved, and cheeky The Full Monty seems like a good amount of time to wait for a reboot, and that’s exactly what Disney+ has done. A quarter of a century after the original film, the streaming service is rebooting the film, and has just released a new trailer for the project. The Full Monty will be released to Disney+ on June 14.

The Full Monty, which debuted in theaters in 1997, became an almost instant classic. The film depicts the lives of a group of men who reside in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a once prominent steel milling town. After the mill shuts down, however, the men are left without purpose or direction. However, one group of men comes up with an unusual way to make money: performing stripteases. The film follows the men as they prepare to do the full monty, so to speak, and proves that life is worth making a show out of, even when all hope seems lost. The reboot will follow the same group of friends as they navigate modern life.

The new trailer gives us a peek at what the beloved characters from the original film have been up to in the 25 years since they first stripped down. The trailer shows us a modern-day Sheffield, suffering under a crumbling healthcare, education, and employment scene. And the men, who once stripped away their unemployment cares are now moving solidly towards older age. The trailer depicts the men dealing with and reflecting on what their life’s purpose is, and the ways in which they’ve come up short. Dave Horsefall, played by Mark Addy, is left to deal with his own lack of children. Meanwhile, Gaz, played by Robery Carlyle, faces tensions with his teen daughter Destiny, played by Talitha Wing. Lesley Sharp is also returning for the project.

A New Twist on a Familiar Story

The new trailer promises to return us to the charm of the original film, but with a modern perspective. Instead of being a movie, however, the reboot will be an eight-episode series. The series will balance both comedy and drama, never leaning to hard into the dramas of modern life, but instead presenting harsh realities along with a cheeky and heartfelt humor signature to the original and beloved film.

The Full Monty will premiere on Hulu on June 14. You can stream the original film on Hulu, and catch the trailer for the reboot down below.

via Collider

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