‘Blue Beetle’: Upcoming DC Feature Reveals New Image!! Check It Out!!

As audiences eagerly await the release of The Flash, DC fans have another big project to look forward to with the release of Blue Beetle, slated to debut this August. In part of their summer movie preview, Fandango has revealed via Twitter a new image of the film, which showcases the character charging up for action.

The image features the titular superhero, played by Xolo Maridueña, who can be seen charging up his blaster, ready to face off against an off-screen threat. While Fandango doesn’t provide any additional context to the image, it does showcase the comic book accuracy of the film’s costume design while also giving it a modern, sleek look aesthetic. And if the trailer is any indication, fans may be in for a fun time at the movies, with a tone similar to the MCU‘s Spider-Man franchise.

While specific additional details from the film have not been revealed via the brand-new image, the story will center on Jaime Reyes, who, upon graduating from college, is chosen to be the host of the Scarab, an ancient alien relic that offers him the ability to dawn the mantle of Blue Beetle through a powerful armored suit. Alongside Maridueña, the film will feature the appearance of Adriana Barraza, Bruna Marquezine, Raoul Trujillo, Elpidia Carrill, Damián Alcázar, Susan Sarandon, and George Lopez, among others.

‘Blue Beetle’ Will Serve as a Self-Contained Story Following DC’s Relaunch

Alongside the release of Blue Beetle, DC‘s 2023 annual slate still has more in store as the long-awaited sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to be released later this year in December. However, following the release of the upcoming sequel, DC Studios will take a different direction, with James Gunn at the helm of a new cinematic universe, kicking off with Superman: Legacy, which is currently in pre-production and is slated to be released in 2025. With so much in store, it appears fans have much to look forward to as DC finally spearheads toward a stable future.

Blue Beetle flies into theaters on August 18. Check out the new image for the upcoming movie below.

via Collider

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