American Hustle (2013) Short Review!!

American Hustle is an excellent film on all accounts!!It has everything going for it, the excellent cast, the 70s era mob look, drugs, money, quirkiness, comedy, drama and every actor hooking up with almost everybody which makes for an amazing and unbeatable combination.Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence–deserved their nominations. Bale is subtle and brilliant as Irving, the main conman. He is unappealing and dubious, yet you can’t help but like him.Amy Adams shines, literally at times, as Sydney, Irving’s con partner. She is the most volatile and hardest character to read for most of the film. Cooper is entirely convincing as the Richie, the FBI agent whose own ambition proves to be too much. Cooper brings the same electrifying energy he put on display for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (2012), and doesn’t miss a beat between howl of laughter of roar of frustration as his plans become convoluted to a maximal degree among the cast he was my favorite. Jeremy Renner is also an absolute winner as Carmine, the mayor, despite not receiving an award nod as of yet. Last, but certainly not least, is Jennifer Lawrence’s Rosalyn, Irving’s hysterical, deranged wife. The hype around Lawrence’s role is well-deserved, she solidified herself among the elite with this role. Each of her scenes brought laughs and anticipation as you awaited what sort of screwball situations her character would stir up next.Five losers who all think they are winners, American Hustle is up there with great movies like Goodfellas, Catch Me If You Can etc but is definitely an original creation. This film is one of the best films I have seen based on con men!


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