Earth To Echo (2014) Review!!

earth_to_echo_movie-wideSynopsis – After receiving a bizarre series of encrypted messages, a group of kids embark on an adventure with an alien who needs their help.

My Take – I am a huge sucker for found footage movie, the trailer of this movie got me really excited. Unfortunately, I think the trailer picked up the most stable & possibly the best shots of the film. This film cant help itself from being a complete hybrid of E.T & at times Super 8!

Earth-to-Echo-movie-2Plus given that the movie is about an alien, the screen time of Echo is very less. I would have loved to see more of Echo definitely. The kids they hired to act did a nice job, even though they were compelled with a very poor characterization along with a couple of random characters. It seemed the producers desired to let a three year old play with a camera, should he have the ability to produce a film. The movie tries really hard to present itself as a heartwarming take on friendship & togetherness, the presence of an Alien adds to the effect, but director Dave Greenpoor doesn’t delivers due to the poor screen play & horrible camera work! Did I mention their is hardly any action? That too in an Alien movie!

54343ba0-af84-11e3-b55a-1daf3f292d72_earthtoecho_trailer_gsOverall Earth to Echo does take a step into interesting technological grounds & does provide the 1st family friendly found footage feature, but tends to give us a sneak peak into what E.T would look like if ever the idea of a remake got tossed around! If I wanted to watch a family oriented movie about a lost alien abandoned on earth, I would watch ET, not this, never this!! ECHO ECHO ECHO..


Director – Dave Green

Starring – Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hartwig

Rated – PG

Run time – 91 minutes

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