The Flash Vs Arrow Crossover Event (2014) Review!!

flashvarrowSynopsis – When a series of homicides cases involving a boomerang-like weapon brings the Arrow to Central City, the Flash must also take care of a new metahuman who manipulates emotions. While Oliver, Arsenal, and Diggle pursue a killer named Digger Harkness, they encounter an ARGUS team; Oliver and the Flash team up to try and stop Harkness.

Episode – The Brave & The Bold – Arrow (S03E08) & The Flash (S01E08)

My Take – I have been a huge superhero geek since as long as I can remember! DC & Marvel have been at their necks since like the beginnings of time by letting their fans decide who is better. Since the whole of last decade, live action movies based on superheroes have become a thing for every moviegoer & with about 26 films slated to release in the next 5-6 years, every studio is at the top of their game. Let alone solo movies, Marvel did the impossible by bringing the Avengers (2012) to us, a superhero crossover!! While DC is still falling short, well for now at least, as their 1st crossover film Batman vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice (2016) is still around 14 months away, they decided to get their hot favorite CW heroes in a cross over! Before I begin let me warn you of the potential spoilers ahead. Finally, the episode we have all been waiting for. The beginning of the two night crossover between Arrow and The Flash kicked out with a bang. I have been a fan of arrow for a while now, and we can all agree that it has fantastic, and it didn’t quite start that way. It has easily set itself apart from any other show out there for now.Arrow’s tone is perfect. It took a lot of inspiration from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and it has suited the series to perfection. But every once in awhile we all enjoy an episode that is straight fun. And that was tonight’s episode. And although it was strange at times seeing all of the characters from two tonally different shows combine, I was as impressed with how much I geeked out over it. The mix of The Flash and Arrow’s team made this quite possibly the most entertaining Arrow has ever been. And like last nights Flash episode I really enjoyed that the writers created a legit reason for the shows to clash.

Flash-Versus-Arrow-UnmaskedWhen you combine an already perfected show(with developed team and they seem like they got it all down) with a total new team like the Flash offers, it turns out to be the perfect combination. When you combine an already perfected show (with developed team and they seem like they got it all down) with a total new team like the Flash offers, it turns out to be the perfect combination.  In the Flash episode, the villain, Chroma aka Rainbow Raider was mostly overshadowed by the presence of the Arrow cast. But he did his job in creating a compelling conflict between the two. Their relationship throughout the 40 minutes was very similar to Batman and Superman. The interactions were great – Oliver shooting Barry as part of his training, and acknowledgment Barry’s general arrogance both highlights of the hour. There will also be plenty of people who got a kick out of just seeing them both fight in full costume, even if the result of said fight could be perceived as a little bit of a cop-out. But the most admirable thing about the episode was that this was still an episode of The Flash, just with a little added Oliver, Felicity and Diggle thrown in. We still had tension at STAR Labs, Barry’s crush on Iris and even a nice little teaser featuring lil’ Amell’s Firestorm – the crossover concept didn’t take over the entire hour, and that’s a nice surprise given the hype. here were the fun little touches like Cisco and Diggle arguing over who would win in a fight or Felicity and Caitlin bonding over both being smart, kick-ass females, but Oliver being in Central City was largely used as a way to flesh out existing story lines. Wells, for example, is showing his true colors more and more, and Oliver and Felicity’s well-tuned bullsh*t detectors immediately noticed his sinister nature of his interest in the Arrow.

flash vs arrowThe matter of Iris, also, was quickly outlined and shut down by Oliver, as it should be. The main thing to take away from this episode as far as The Flash goes, of course, is that Iris no longer trusts her blurry hero after the episode’s rage meta-human caused Barry to take out his frustrations on Eddie. We can’t blame the guy for heading up a task force for someone he perceives as stalking his girlfriend and attacking him for no reason, and this turn of events may just steer Iris’s so-far-abysmal development back on course. Eddie’s becoming an actual character, too, which is nice. Seeing Diggle and Felicity was great. As usual they had the most laugh out loud lines, but also serve to what the audience is actually thinking. Diggle drooling over Flash was equally as hilarious. His conversation with Cisco about who will win was true comic-book dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, with the amount of characters involved with this episode I loved all the quick lines and the camera panning around to everyone. It was just really well directed. The training scene was also really well done. Not only was Arrow much like Batman, but the music combined both the Arrow and Flash scores. Being a score fanatic, it was just incredible to hear. The fun continued in the Arrow episode, especially the scenes in the Arrow cave with everyone giving their two cents about the current situation. It made for some of the best lines of the night. Lyla drooling over Flash, Cisco videotaping our hooded heroes talking, and Flash doing the Salmon Ladder all made for laugh out loud moments. Cisco is a character that has had his ups and downs. His jokes either hit or completely miss, but tonight he really shined. I would welcome his presence every now and then on Arrow.

The Brave and the BoldIt was also cool seeing the unlikely interactions such as Barry and Lance. Captain Boomerang played by Nick Tarabay (Spartacus) is a tough villain to pull off considering how cheesy he is. But I thought the writers made him a formidable opponent that will be welcomed back anytime soon. Interestingly his Spartacus co star Jai Courtney has been cast in the same character in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I was pleased to see he didn’t end up with Waller and surprised to hear he’s with Slade? I can see that not ending too well for the Arrow crew as it has been confirmed that Slade will be back come the 14th episode. Another little nugget included Cisco giving Ollie a bit of a suit upgrade, although I doubt it will look too different but it was nice to see a change. After all it has been over 50 episodes with it.The ending was full with reveals. First was Oliver’s speech to team Flash about his secret identity. I really hate that all these people know who he is, it diminishes that cool aspect about his character. Nonetheless how funny was it that Oliver ended up suspecting Wells was up to something? Then came a few shoehorned scenes that I still found very interesting. The scene with Oliver and his former girlfriend felt off, especially because he doesn’t actually find out that he has a baby. The Firestorm scene was also cool, but really only because it’s Stephen Amell’s cousin Robbie playing him. But I am interesting to see how they involve him in the show and his role going forward. Even with how cheesy this episode was, it was overall the best episodes so far of The Flash & Arrow. The Brave & The Bold crossover was pretty much everything fans wanted and more. It’s something that makes the idea of a shared television universe so great, and this world’s first attempt just proved how brilliantly most comic-book ideas can translate to the small screen if done with this much care, joy and enthusiasm.

Directors – Jesse Warn (Arrow), Glen Winter (The Flash)

Starring – Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker

Network – CW

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