Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is back on track!!

9305-alice-resident-evil-afterlife-1680x1050-movie-wallpaperIt’s been a while since we had anything to report on Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Last we checked, the final chapter was scheduled to begin shooting in August, but it now looks like that timetable has moved up just a bit. The sixth installment in the horror/survival film franchise was originally supposed to start filming in Cape Town, South Africa last August, but star Milla Jovovich’s pregnancy understandably put the brakes on those plans. Ever the fan of social media, Jovovich used Facebook to announce the delay last year, just as she’s used Instagram to announce the new shooting dates earlier today.

millaResident Evil: The Final Chapter is still listed as having a September 2, 2016 release, but we’ll see if that date moves thanks to the delay in shooting. The month of September has worked rather well for previous four films in the franchise, but perhaps the final chapter will move to the spring, which is where the first film landed back in 2002. On a casting note, we also expect to see the return of Wentworth Miller’s character, Chris Redfield.

Via Collider

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