‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Gets Expanded Episode Order!!!


The Legends will get more time to try and keep time in check, as The CW will be expanding the show’s second season by 4 episodes. Last year, the Arrowverse spin-off started off as a mid-season series that only ran for 10 episodes, but it was moved this year to the fall to fill out The CW’s superhero domination week that starts off with Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. Though Legends of Tomorrow trails the others in terms of ratings, the expanded episode order speaks to the network’s confidence in the series.

While I had some issues with Legends of Tomorrow‘s first season, clearing out the weak villain of Vandal Savage, as well as the lackluster story with the Hawks and removing Rip Hunter as the leader (sorry Arthur Darvill, but Rip was maybe the biggest villain in the first season) were all solid moves. Season 2 has also really embraced the story’s silliness, put a much more effective leader in place (in the form of White Canary), and added Nick Zano‘s Citizen Steel, which brings in a new dynamic to the team. Allowing the Legends to just bounce through time also changes up the storytelling to a more episodic structure that — of all the series in the Arrowverse — suits it well.

Still, the idea that Legends will now have (according to TV Line) 17 episodes this season is a little worrisome, because it could mean that the writers are adding in story lines to pad out the season that they didn’t plan for. On the other hand, Legends‘ more contained, episodic structure could potentially mean the additional episodes won’t change much, and could even lead to something like us seeing more of the Justice Society of America return, since we barely spent any time with them (aside from Vixen now joining the Legends).

For now, I’m hoping that this second Jonah Hex episode ends up being better and using the character more than it did in Season 1. But while Legends is better this year than Season 1 overall, it still feels like the least essential of The CW superhero series, and we’ll see if it continues to stay relevant in the Arrowverse (especially in the wake of Flashpoint, which doesn’t seem to have affected it yet).

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.

via Collider

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