‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Victor Garber Will Exit This Season!!!

Shocking news! Today it came to light that Victor Garber will be leaving Legends of Tomorrow at some point this season. His character, Martin Stein, has been a mainstay of the series since Season 1, and before that was an important character on The Flash. Stein was originally paired with Ronnie Raymond as one half of Firestorm, but later became paired with Franz Drameh‘s Jax. In Season 2 of Legends, Stein was also responsible for hiding a time anomaly from the crew because it resulted in him having a daughter, and since the Season 3 premiere showed us that his daughter is now pregnant, it has provided him a way to ultimately leave the show. As he told Jax, while he is around for now, he will not miss the birth of his first grandchild.

According to Deadline, Garber is moving on to the revival of Hello Dolly! with Bernadette Peters, and of course Broadways shows have a very grueling schedule that a 22-episode series in Vancouver would not give him the time to pursue. But, given that premiere storyline tease with Stein’s daughter, it feels like a natural ending to his story with the team (for what it’s worth, his first show will be January 20th, so expect an exit around mid-season).

Having said that … what does that mean for Firestorm? If Stein leaves then Jax will need a new partner … or will Jax also exit? Frankly, though Stein has gotten some decent storylines over the years, Jax has gotten nothing. The show hasn’t ever had anything meaningful or interesting for him to do, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he might also leave. The team is already huge; however, one cannot ignore the fact that there is not a lot of diversity. Losing Jax (after losing Amara, too) would certainly be noticeable, but it could also open up the opportunity for new characters with strong narrative possibilities. For instance, could Wally West be a possible Legends contender?

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays nights on The CW.


via Collider

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