Michael Jai White Teases the Return of ‘Black Dynamite’!!! Check It Out!!

2018 has brought us Black LightningBlack Panther, and Black Mirror. With the exception of that last one, that makes this the perfect time for the resurgence of Black Dynamite. If you’re unfamiliar with that title or think it’s some kind of riff on the recent trend, allow me to educate you: In 2009, Michael Jai White wrote and starred in the film, a Blaxploitation parody that followed the title character and his search for justice. It was an absolutely amazing and underrated cinematic achievement that still holds up a decade later, and it was a fresh enough property to launch an animated series on Adult Swim back in 2011.

Now, however, the return of Black Dynamite may be an actual thing that will happen. Much like a boomerang thrown before you even walk into the room, all good things you put out into the world will eventually come back to you. So while we don’t know just what Michael Jai White has in mind for the possible return of Black Dynamite, be it another feature or possibly a TV series, only good things can come of this.

Check out White’s Tweet teasing more Black Dynamite and send the man your support because he has damn well earned it:

I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans Jai White and the Black Dynamite folks have in mind for a possible return, but it is a very welcome idea, indeed.


via Collider

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