‘The Americans’ Keri Russell Joins ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’!!!

Major casting has begun on Star Wars: Episode IX, and we now have the first major addition. Variety reports that Keri Russell has signed on for an unknown role that calls for “action-heavy scenes”, but it’s unknown if she’ll be Resistance, First Order, or unaffiliated.

Russell previously worked together with director J.J. Abrams on the 1998 drama series Felicity and later on Abrams’ feature debut Mission: Impossible III. She’s also no stranger to roles that call for action having put her chops to the test in not only Mission: Impossible III but also her acclaimed performance in FX’s The Americans.

Now begins the endless speculation on what role she’ll play, and an answer that is only likely to arrive when the inevitable Vanity Fair covers arrive sometime in the late spring/early summer of 2019. And even then, how much will we really know about her character before the film opens? Abrams is notorious for keeping his movies shrouded in mystery, and even if you have someone like Rian Johnson, how much did we really know about Admiral Holdo or Rose Tico or DJ before The Last Jedi hit theaters? Just get comfortable with 18 months of not knowing much about Russell’s character.

Variety also reports that “Abrams will likely cast two more actors by the time the film begins production at the end of the month,” but again, those roles will likely remain a mystery until the movie opens with only the most minor hints doled out to outlets like Entertainment Weekly and Empire. It should be interesting if Abrams goes for names like Russell or if it’s a mixture like Last Jedi where you get an unknown like Kelly Marie Tran to play one of the new characters.

Star Wars: Episode IX opens December 20, 2019 and also stars Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, and John Boyega.


via Collider

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