Warner Bros. Developing Animated Film On Wile E. Coyote!!!

I’ve long wondered why Warner Bros. has neglected its Looney Tunes IP. When you consider the longevity of those cartoons and the familiarity of those characters in popular culture, it’s strange why it’s been so dormant for feature films. Thankfully, it looks like Warner Bros. is dipping a toe back into reviving its Looney Tunes characters for the big screen with Coyote Vs. Acme, an animated movie which will put Wile E. Coyote in the spotlight.

For those that have never seen Looney Tunes, the cartoons feature Wile E. Coyote feature him trying to catch the fast bird, the Roadrunner. To do this, he buys a bunch of traps and contraptions from the Acme Corporation that inevitably fail and lead to the Coyote falling off a cliff, running into a cliff, or injuring himself in some other way while the Roadrunner escapes. The character first appeared in 1949.

According to Variety, Jon and Josh Silberman (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) have been tapped to write the script while Chris McKay, who directed The LEGO Batman Movie, is on board to produce.

A movie featuring Wile E. Coyote offers up some challenges in that the shorts were always fairly redundant and the Coyote never speaks. Presumably, for a feature length film, they’d have to get a voice actor for the character, and they’re also changing directions a bit by taking his focus away from the Roadrunner and against Acme. But that should still make for a fun movie, and I’m glad they’re keeping it animated rather than trying to do a live-action film with a photoreal coyote who holds up signs saying “Help.”


via Collider

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