‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder Reveals That Atom Was Cut!!!

While it seems likely at this point that we’ll never learn just what exactly Zack Snyder had in store for us with his version of Justice League, we do keep getting occasional nuggets of info regarding the filmmaker’s original plans for the superhero team-up, and now comes word of another DC hero who almost appeared in the film (well, kind of).

Recently, the above image from Snyder’s cut of Justice League surfaced, showing Silas Stone (Joe Morton) alongside another S.T.A.R. Labs scientist – only it turns out this isn’t any old scientist, as Snyder has revealed on Vero that it is actually Ryan Choi, a character better known to DC fans as Atom.

In the DC comic book universe, Ryan Choi is the third character to assume the identity of the superhero Atom, who much like Marvel’s Ant-Man, is able to shrink his body to subatomic levels.

It’s very likely that Choi’s Justice League role would have been very small (no pun intended), and perhaps little more than an Easter egg for eagle-eyed fans, but it’s certainly possible that Snyder could have been planting the seed for a full-blown Atom appearance somewhere further down the line.


via Flickering Myth

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