‘Rambo 5’ Starts Filming With Sylvester Stallone As a Cowboy!! Check It Out!!

John Rambo has been through the ringer these last 10 years or so. 2008 was the last time Sylvester Stallone stepped into the titular role of a the Vietnam War veteran and former Special Forces solder, a role he brought to life back in 1982’s First Blood. Now, after quite a rough road to production, it seems as if Stallone may literally be saddling up for another ride as Rambo in the tentatively titled Rambo V, or Rambo 5.

Stallone shared a pair of images from behind the scenes of the new Rambo picture today as he preps to start shooting. Little solid information is available at the moment but the plot is said to revolve around Rambo’s quest to save a friend’s daughter who has been taken by a Mexican cartel. Adrian Grunberg (Get the Gringo) is on board to direct the latest adaptation of author David Morrell‘s characters, and it looks like the gang is headed south of the border in style in this new picture.

Check out Sly’s reveal of Cowboy Rambo, courtesy of his Instagram page:

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this production beyond Cowboy Rambo, but if Sly’s style fits the part, then so be it. Stallone’s tag of “Comes a Horseman” should be a nod to the 1978 Western by the same name which starred Jane Fonda and James Caan in a plot that saw the pair playing ranchers in danger of losing their livelihood due to an economic hardship and an ambitious land baron. (However it’s also a 1972 song by the name of “Don Quixote” by Gordon Lightfoot, so who knows.) Could Rambo 5 borrow from this idea or lean into this direction? Will Rambo, well and truly retired to work the land of a backwater ranch like Farmer Thanos, be called back into service when the cartel gets up to no good? Time will tell.

The project has been in development quite a bit over recent years: Some versions were envisioned more for TV, some feature ideas didn’t have Stallone involved at all, and the title star once shelved its production schedule in order to shoot an Expendables installment. Now, Rambo 5 could actually make its 2019 release date if all goes according to plan.


via Collider

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