‘The Good Place’ Renewed for Season 4!!!

Good news, everyone! NBC announced today that The Good Place has been renewed for a fourth season, ensuring that one of the best and most thoughtful shows on television will continue. Created by Michael Schur as his next series after Parks and Recreation, The Good Place is the perfect marriage between the serialized, mythology-based storytelling of Lost and the hilarious humor of Parks and Rec or 30 Rock. Set in the afterlife, Kristen Bell plays a pretty lousy woman named Eleanor who seemingly appears in “The Good Place” by mistake—although twists and turns abounded in the show’s 13-episode first season and the series’ plot has continue to evolve significantly since it first debuted.

The episode order for The Good Place Season 4 has yet to be determined, but the show is currently in the midst of a 13-episode third season. Schur has said all along that he knows where the show will end up mythology-wise, so we’re likely building to a conclusion sooner rather than later. Although this announcement makes no mention of Season 4 being the final go-around, so there’s no reason to start saying goodbye just yet.

The Good Place has never been a massive ratings hit, but has been a critical darling ever since it first aired, and I’m supremely thankful that NBC sought fit to keep the series going. Credit goes to Schur and his team of writers for consistently surprising viewers with new and ambitious storylines, and to the tremendous ensemble for pulling off a winning combination of wit and compassion.

So heat up a pot of Peeps chili and celebrate, folks. The Good Place Season 4 is a go!


via Collider

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