‘The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell’ Cancelled by Netflix!!!

On the plus side, Netflix introduced The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell to audiences everywhere. On the minus side, the almighty Algorithm that governs Netflix’s streaming content has apparently decided that one season of the delightfully creative and yet morbidly tinted crafting show was more than enough, despite its magnanimous host and houseful of creepy, charismatic critters. The series has been cancelled and will not return for more spooky shenanigans, unfortunately.

The six half-hour episodes, currently still available to stream on Netflix, featured McConnell taking viewers on a casual tour of her immaculate house and her many macabre creations. Produced by Netflix, Wilshire Studios and The Henson Alternative–an offshoot of The Jim Henson Company–the show was a strange yet compelling hybrid of contemporary DIY craft show with creations worthy of Instagram and Pinterest along with a narrative that included McConnell’s relationships with her household critters, friends, family, and romantic suitors/serial killers.

Created by the talented folks over at Henson Alternative, the puppet cast included a reanimated roadkilled raccoon by the name of Rose, the resurrected mummy of an ancient Egyptian cat named Rankle, a (more or less) friendly werewolf named Edgar, the basement-dwelling monster Bernard, and Milly, the refrigerator’s tentacled denizen. Along for the ride were the fashionable ghost/murder victim Vivienne (Dita Von Teese), the insane widowed duchess Cousin Evie (Colleen Smith) who plots Christine’s death at every turn, Christine’s no-fun neighbor Mr. Ketcham (Steven Porter), and her lover Norman (Adam Mayfield), who is 100% a serial killer. And while Henson Alternative put in a grand amount of work bringing many of these characters to life, it was McConnell’s hard work on and off screen that really made Curious Creations something special. It’s a shame that Netflix doesn’t feel that way, but hopefully the cult favorite will find a home elsewhere.

Here’s how McConnell broke the news (and our hearts):


via Collider

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