‘Game of Thrones’ Series Finale Images Finds Tyrion In Sorrow!! Check It Out!!

HBO has released the first official images from the Game of Thrones finale, and they are predictably cryptic. First and foremost, there are only two of them. Understandably, the final episode of the most popular show in HBO history is being kept under lock and key, so we only get two Game of Thrones finale images. Additionally, these two images don’t really reveal anything. One finds Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen surveying the destruction she caused in King’s Landing, doing her best Mad Queen impression. The other image finds Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister looking on in a mix of horror and shame, which is reminiscent of Gob Bluth’s whole “I’ve made a huge mistake” gag from Arrested Development.

It’ll be interesting to see what entails in the 80-minute series finale. Perhaps we’re in for a big shakeup, as the teaser trailer and these photos take place in the immediate aftermath of the shocking episode “The Bells,” in which Dany and her dragon burned innocent men, women, and children alive. Could we be in for a 20-minute wrap up, followed by a time jump of sorts? Indeed, time jumps have been en vogue as of late when it comes to series finales, from Veep to Parks and Recreation, and when pulled off well—like in the iconic Six Feet Under finale—they can be pretty darn miraculous.

Will Game of Thrones stick the landing? Reaction to these last few episodes has not exactly been kind, as narrative shortcuts have led to some major turns feeling unearned or sudden, like Dany breaking bad or Jaime jilting Brienne to go and die with Cersei. But maybe the series finale will help make it all make sense. Maybe there’s a chance for a huge redemption right around the corner. Or, if you’re one of the fans who’s liked the last few episodes, maybe it’ll continue to be great!

There are just a few days left, so for now pick apart these two Game of Thrones finale images for hints, clues, etc. The series finale airs Sunday night on HBO.


Image via HBO


Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO


via Collider

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