‘Stranger Things 3’: First Clip Teases a Steamy Summer in Hawkins!! Check It Out!!

Netflix is here to remind you that while Game of Thrones is over, there’s still another major, zeitgeist-grabbing TV series on the horizon: Stranger Things 3. The third season of the binge-worthy Netflix series arrives this summer, and a new clip offers a taste of a very different sort. While the first season of Stranger Things took place around Christmastime and the second season took place during the fall (complete with a full-on Halloween episode), Stranger Things 3 is all about that sweet, summer vacation.

But as this clip shows, Stranger Things isn’t entirely about the kids. One of the best scenes from the entire second season found new character Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) flirting with Mike’s mom Karen (Cara Buono), and it appears showrunners The Duffer Brothers are doubling down on that chemistry in Season 3. In the below clip, Karen and a cadre of moms are laying by the public pool, only to perk up when Billy takes the lifeguard stand. The whole thing plays like an 80s teen sex comedy, and if that’s at least part of the vibe that Stranger Things 3 will carry, I won’t be mad about it.

After all, the kids at the heart of the show are growing up before our eyes, and it’ll be interesting to see how that growth manifests in this third season. Judging by the poster, the Fourth of July will be the centerpiece holiday this time around, and summer vacation offers a number of fresh storytelling opportunities.

Check out the Stranger Things 3 clip below. All eight episodes of the new season debut exclusively on Netflix on, fittingly enough, July 4th.


via Collider

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