Annabelle Wallis Joins James Wan’s New Hard-R Thriller!!

Annabelle Wallis has signed on for James Wan‘s upcoming thriller, which is still shrouded (for the most part) in mystery. This marks the second time Wallis and Wan have joined forces. Their first collaboration happened in 2014 with The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle, which starred Wallis.

Wallis is coming off a supporting role on the Roger Ailes-focused Showtime drama The Loudest Voice where she played Fox News staffer Laurie Luhn. Variety was one of the first outlets to break the news of her casting. Details on Wan’s film have slowly emerged since the project was first announced in July. The plot is unconfirmed but we do know filming starts in September in Los Angeles. Wan will eschew over-the-top visual effects in favor of a return to practical effects and a reliance on realism to help tell what is likely another unnerving story.

Wan has also re-teamed with Ingrid Bisu (The Nun) to develop the untitled thriller’s story. New Line Cinema, the studio behind The ConjuringLights Out, and The Curse of La Llorona, will distribute the film. Wan has deemed his next project a “hard-R thriller” and provided some enticing behind-the-scenes photos of possible shooting locations. Among the featured photos posted to Wan’s Instagram were ones showing off mannequins, a sterile operation room, and a horse mural. It’s still tough to see how it all connects but there should be no doubt that however these locations and objects figure into Wan’s film, they will help heighten the inevitable tension the Conjuring director will infuse into the story.

In addition to starring in Wan’s next movie, Wallis will be seen in two upcoming action thrillers: Boss Level, co-starring Naomi Watts and Mel Gibson, and The Silencing, co-starring Nikolaj-Coster Waldau. As for Wan, he’ll soon move on to Aquaman 2 and will direct the pilot episode of Netflix’s The Magic Order, adapted from the Mark Millar comic of the same name.



via Collider

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