‘Joker’: Six Clips Reveal A New Trailer Coming This Week!! Check It Out!!

A new trailer for Joker is coming on August 28. In an effort to build up some hype, six new clips from the movie have been released. Sure, there are some familiar moments featured in the first teaser which arrived back in April. But there are also some intriguing bits of new footage and extended shots which help give viewers a better idea of what could be included in the new — and likely full-length — trailer which details Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) grim nosedive from a struggling stand-up comedian to a wanton criminal in clown makeup.

The first clip posted to the Joker Instagram page is also the only one to feature Robert De Niro. In the movie, De Niro plays Murray Franklin, a popular talk show host reminiscent of his character in 1983’s The King of Comedy. The clip features Murray sashaying out onto the stage from behind a colorful curtain as the cameras start to roll.

Another ominous clip returns to the huge stairway Arthur was seen dancing on in the first teaser. This time around, however, as Arthur gleefully dances and hops around, two figures appear at the top of the steps. They’re not moving; instead, they watch and wait. Yikes.

In yet another new clip, Arthur clears out the entire contents of his fridge and… gets inside. Yeah, you read that right. Our guy is casually hopping into fridges in Joker. Does he need some alone time? Is there an unbearable heat wave going on in Gotham? Who knows! Either way, that second slam of the fridge door to ensure Arthur is locked in there safe and sound cannot be a good sign.

Joker director Todd Phillips confirmed in a recent interview that the Clown Prince of Crime will not be connected to any of the DC Comics arcs the character has been featured in over the years. Similarly, audiences should expect this version of the Joker’s life and crimes to be totally separate from other Jokers and Batman timelines in previous movies. In addition to Phoenix and De NiroJoker‘s cast includes Frances ConroyZazie BeetzMarc MaronShea WhighamBill CampBryan Tyree Henry, and Brett Cullen.

Joker arrives in theaters on October 4, 2019. Watch the additional clips below:


via Collider

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