‘The Goldfinch’ May Be the Big Prestige Bomb of the Year!!

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for Warner Bros. right now.  As the studio celebrates the financial glories of Joker, they also have to worry about just how hard The Goldfinch is bombing both here in the U.S. and internationally. Directed by John Crowley, starring Ansel Elgort and Nicole Kidman, and adapted from the acclaimed novel of the same name by Donna TarttThe Goldfinch seemingly has all the right elements to make for a great, prestige movie. So, after a month of it hanging out in theaters, what happened?

Let’s get the cold, hard stats out on the table first. Thanks to a report of the international box office earnings for the Warner Bros. movies currently in theaters, I’ve learned that The Goldfinch‘s international box office total is $3.8 million. That number reflects the amount of money it’s made in one month and is a combined total of all the earnings from its international markets. The Goldfinch‘s highest-earning international markets include Russia ($1.6M), the UK ($394K), France ($151K), and Ukraine ($102K).

The narrative doesn’t get any better when you look at the figures here in the U.S. In The Goldfinch‘s opening night (September 13), the movie made an extremely grim $868,127, averaging $342 across the 2,542 screens it debuted on. Things have rapidly declined for The Goldfinch, going from $2.7 million earned domestically in its opening weekend to it now barely sitting about $5 million after a month. It’s remained on 2,542 screens in the U.S. but it pulling in some jaw-droppingly bad numbers, with per-screen averages currently ranging from $36 to $141. Given today’s ticket prices, that means about a dozen people or less are going to see The Goldfinch on any given day.

It’s no wonder Warner Bros. buried The Goldfinch‘s international earnings at the bottom of their report for the weekend of October 11; this is not good. It’s hard to pinpoint a culprit here, although poor reviews like the TIFF 2019 review from Collider’s own Matt Goldberg might have been enough to warn viewers of what they would be getting into if there were a culprit. Right now, just one month out, it seems a movie so clearly destined for awards season contemplation (an adaptation of a popular novel! A respected director! An award-winning cast!) is now one of Warner Bros. biggest misfires of the year.

The Goldfinch is currently in theaters worldwide.


via Collider

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