‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Character Posters Tease the Cast!! Check It Out!!

Sony Pictures has released a series of Jumanji 2 character posters, offering a new look at the upcoming sequel Jumanji: The Next Level. The follow-up sees the return of director Jake Kasdan, who helped spearhead the initial sequel that was originally met with plenty of skepticism. Why mess with a movie like Jumanji? What good could come of that? A lot, as it turns out, when you have a cast stacked with charisma and a genuinely smart story.

Indeed, the first (technically second) Jumanji followed four high school students and strangers who found themselves transported into the game of Jumanji, inhabiting various stereotypical characters—Dwayne Johnson is the smoldering hero Dr. Bravestone; Kevin Hart is the wisecracking sidekick Mouse; Jack Black is the wise Professor Shelly; and Karen Gillan is the sexy commando Ruby Roundhouse.

For this sequel, the same high school students get transported into the game—alongside a pair of grandparents played by Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. This gives Johnson and Hart a chance to really shake things up with their mannerisms, while the other avatars expand in surprising ways.

Sony has been mum on new additions like Awkwafina or how Nick Jonas possibly returns to the fold in this sequel, but we do get a look at them alongside the old favorites in these character posters. There’s also a horse, which you may find confusing if you haven’t seen the latest trailer—although I’d actually suggest not watching that trailer if you plan on seeing the movie, since it spoils a few neat surprises.

Peruse the Jumanji 2 character posters below. The film hits theaters on December 13th.

jumanji-2-character-poster-kevin-hart jumanji-2-character-poster-jack-black jumanji-2-character-poster-karen-gillan jumanji-2-character-poster-nick-jonas jumanji-2-character-poster-horse jumanji-2-character-poster-awkwafina jumanji-2-character-poster-dwayne-johnson


via Collider

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