‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Gets Early Season 8 Renewal!!!

Remember when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was on Fox? The charming sitcom was always of excellent quality, thanks to mega-writer/producers Dan Goor and Michael Schur and a beyond-talented cast anchored by Andy Samberg. But when it was on Fox, it was treated less like a beloved member of their comedy family and more like a show they happened to air. Fox wound up cancelling the series — despite a vocal fanbase and lots of awards — after five seasons. And then, the very next day, NBC picked it up for season six. Now, the Peacock network shows no signs of stopping the Nine-Nine. As Variety reports, NBC just ordered a season eight of the series — and they haven’t even aired season seven yet!

It’s a sterling show of confidence for the show’s new home on NBC, and a lovely thank-you to the fans who helped bolster attention to the sitcom during its initial cancellation with hashtags like #SaveTheNineNine. NBC has been seen as a place of “quality Thursday night comedy” for much of its life, with essentials like FriendsSeinfeld, and The Office airing during this coveted timeslot. And while we might not live in a media landscape where huge, monoculture hits like this can emerge anymore, Brooklyn Nine-Nine helps extend this comedy tradition. And frankly, feels more at home on NBC then it ever did on Fox. For fans of quality, even throwback-feeling sitcoms, this early season renewal is great, great news.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins its seventh season on NBC February 6 at 8pm — and then its eighth season soon after that!

via Collider

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