‘Pete Davidson: Alive From New York’ Trailer Reveals the Netflix Stand Up Special!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the official trailer Pete Davidson: Alive From New York. If the title didn’t already clue you in, the special features Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson returning to his stand-up roots to deliver an hour’s worth of chuckles.

Rather than cutting together a trailer focused on multiple jokes from the entire set, the Alive From New York trailer focuses on one very specific joke of Davidson’s about friendships between gay men and straight men. The joke takes a sharp left as Davidson’s observations go from fairly funny — “I don’t think there’s a more honest relationship between a gay dude and a straight dude because there’s just nothing to gain” — to borderline awkward: “It’s that gay dude that will, like, run up on your girlfriend and squeeze her boobs and slap her ass and be like, ‘Damn girl, you look great!’ I don’t find that fucking funny, like at all.” It’s a real, uh, interesting choice for the trailer essentially heralding Davidson’s return to his stand-up roots but hey, if you’ve ever seen an episode of SNL featuring one of the youngest-ever cast members to join the show, then you know he’s as candid as he is funny.

It’s quite possible we’ll finally get to see the material Davidson’s been working on that led his to make attendees at his shows in late 2019 sign $1 million NDAs; goodness knows that’s probably some good material, eh? And, if the title of his special is anything to go by, then there’s a chance we might hear from Davidson on his time at SNL and his ongoing mental health battle — something Davidson’s been very open about in the past. The real question is: Will we hear his take on his short-lived engagement to Ariana Grande?

Pete Davidson: Alive From New York will hit Netflix on February 25. Check out the trailer below:


via Collider

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