‘Songbird’: Michael Bay To Back Pandemic Thriller Set to Shoot During the Real Pandemic!!

Michael Bay is set to produce the indie movie Songbird, a pandemic thriller that will be shoot during the actual pandemic in just five weeks.

Adam Mason (Into the Dark) will direct from a script he co-wrote with Simon Boyes, and former Paramount executive Adam Goodman will produce via his Invisible Narratives banner alongside Bay. Eben Davidson will also produce for Invisible Narratives, which is producing with Catchlight Studios.

Production is slated to start within five weeks in Los Angeles despite the lockdown, and Deadline reports that Hollywood’s guilds have already signed off on the production even though they’re still compiling their own safety protocols to allow production to resume. If you’re not sure how that works, there may be an explanation.

Deadline describes Songbird as being in the vein of Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity, both of which were early entrants in the found footage genre that became popular for a time before burning out. The film is set two years in the future, and the pandemic has not gone away, as the virus has continued to mutate amid ongoing waves of lockdown periods. It’s unclear whether Songbird will be positioned as a found footage film or something else entirely, but Deadline claims that rather than a supernatural element, the movie is more of a government conspiracy thriller about paranoia and how it infects the cast of characters during a lockdown.

Mason and Boyes are currently casting the movie, and plan to provide remote training for the actors. In advance of the upcoming Virtual Cannes Market, they’re currently making the rounds with a proof-of-concept sizzle reel that WME and ICM Partners will use to sell the movie, though Bay is certainly a big part of that sell as well.

Consider this Bay’s revenge on the pandemic that has already forced Paramount to delay the release of A Quiet Place Part II, and seen The Forever Purge taken off of Universal’s release schedule. He’s a producer on both projects, and though he last directed Six Underground for Netflix, we last saw him playing the wedding MC in Bad Boys for Life in a nod to his past films in that franchise. As a matter of fact, the third Bad Boys movie is the year’s highest-grossing movie and may end the year with the box office crown, so in the end, Michael Bay could still get the last laugh against the ‘rona.


via Collider

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