‘The Flash’ Concept Art Reveals Team-Up with Michael Keaton’s Batman!! Check It Out!!

Today during its DC Fandome panel, The Flash revealed that Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will have a new suit. You may recall that the suit he was sporting in Zack Snyder’s movies was a little over-designed. It was far too conscious of being “realistic” which meant it had plates and wires to disperse electricity, which makes some sense, but doesn’t really look all that great.

Director Andy Muschietti revealed that for The Flash solo movie, Barry will now have a new suit that was designed by Bruce Wayne because when the formula of mentor superhero and protégé superhero works for Marvel, you don’t mess with it. Also, the logic makes sense (who else is going to design Barry’s suit unless you want to bring in a bunch of STAR Labs stuff). Personally, I’m glad we’re getting a new Flash outfit since I wasn’t really a fan of the last one. The new outfit should also help differentiate this new Flash from a DCEU that’s largely been abandoned. Sure, we’re getting The Snyder Cut next year, but that will now exist more as a tantalizing “What if?” rather than a new direction forward for DC movies. 2017 marked a breaking point with that vision, and so it’s only fitting that The Flash gets a new suit to fit Muschietti’s vision.

Check out the concept art below. The Flash opens June 3, 2022, and also stars Ben Affleck in addition to Keaton.


Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.



via Collider

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