‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ and ‘JSA’ Animated Films Set for 2021!!

DC FanDome may be over, but there’s still some news coming out of DC! Recently, via IGN’s virtual panel for Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Warner Bros. Animation revealed its lineup of DC animated features for 2021 (via SuperHeroHype).

The previously announced Batman: Soul of the Dragon will be the first DC animated film of 2021. However, the next movie will be Justice Society: World War II. Within the DC universe, the Justice Society of America was the first-ever superhero team. The JSA was made up of Golden Age heroes like the original incarnations of Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate, The Sandman, Wildcat, Hourman, Starman, and more.

After Justice Society: World War II, Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale’s fan-favorite maxi-series, Batman: The Long Halloween, will get a two-part animated adaptation. In that tale, a killer struck only on holidays; which led Batman, James Gordon, and Harvey Dent to work together to solve the mystery of Holiday’s identity. This story also featured Batman’s top villains, including Joker, Riddler, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and more.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Parts 1 & 2 will be released a few months apart in the second half of 2021.


via Coming Soon

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