‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ Trailer Previews the Four Scary Stories!! Check It Out!!

Consider your spooky October viewing schedule all firmed up thanks to the newly-released Welcome to the Blumhouse trailer. This new horror anthology features four films resulting from a partnership between Blumhouse Productions and Amazon Studios, with all four movies coming to Prime Video next month. Not only does the trailer promise some really good chills, but it teases all of the incredible talent bringing these stories to life.

The trailer for Welcome to the Blumhouse is, of course, properly scary. But what stories are being teased? Per a helpful press release, we know the titles and synopses of the four movies. The Welcome to the Blumhouse anthology includes: “The Lie,” which follows a teenager who confesses to killing her best friend and whose parents are forced to engage in all-consuming lies in order to keep their daughter safe; “Black Box,” which tells the story of a recently-widowed single father whose participation in an experimental treatment causes him to question his reality; “Nocturne” follows a young musician at an elite arts academy who begins to outshine her twin sister with the help of a dead girl’s notebook; and “Evil Eye,” which follows a woman who believes her daughter’s boyfriend has a sinister connection to her past. The cast of Welcome to the Blumhouse is just as intriguing as the stories and includes Joey KingMireille EnosPeter SarsgaardPhylicia RashadMamoudou AthieSunita ManiSarita ChoudhurySydney Sweeney, and Madison Iseman.

Welcome to the Blumhouse kicks off with the October 6 release of “The Lie” and “Black Box.” Then, on October 13, Welcome to the Blumhouse installments “Nocturne” and “Evil Eye” will be released. You can watch the trailer below.

Here are some first-look images from Welcome to the Blumhouse:


Image via Blumhouse/Amazon Studios


Image via Blumhouse/Amazon Studios


Image via Blumhouse/Amazon Studios


Image via Blumhouse/Amazon Studios


via Collider

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