Adam Sandler to Lead Netflix Sci-Fi Drama from ‘Chernobyl’ Director!!

Hubie Halloween is a polarizing one. Some people love Adam Sandler‘s latest Netflix offering, calling it a return to his earlier, sillier form. And some people (like our own Allie Gemmill) call it “very, very bad,” making us wish he’d return to his dramatic roles like Uncut Gems or Punch-Drunk Love. For the Sandman’s next movie, he just might thread those two needles. Per Deadline, Sandler is making another film for Netflix as part of his ongoing deal, but with a twist: It will be a serious, science fiction, space-set drama directed by a helmer of acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

Based on the Jaroslav Kalfar novel The Spaceman of Bohemia, the as-of-yet untitled film adaptation will star Sandler as as an astronaut sent on a space mission to collect ancient dust on the edge of the galaxy. While there, a mysterious space voice speaks to him and offers him solutions to his increasingly volatile earth life — but what happens when he discovers this voice belongs to an ancient creature hiding within his ship? The unique sounding film will be directed by Johan Renck, who won two Emmys for his work on Chernobyl, and written for the screen by Colby Day, an acclaimed short filmmaker. It’s produced by Renck himself, Channing Tatum through his production company Free Association (was there an earlier version with him as the astronaut?), Tim Headington, Lia Buman, and Max Silva through Tango Entertainment (Blow the Man Down), and Ben Ormand (The Lovebirds) and Sandler’s regular producing partner Barry Bernardi.

via Collider

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