‘In Treatment’: Uzo Aduba Set to Lead HBO Revival!!

Uzo Aduba is about to tell a ton of new people what condition their condition is in as the star of HBO’s In Treatment revival. The original In Treatment series ran for three seasons from 2008 to 2010. Gabriel Byrne starred as a therapist managing a full roster of patients as well as his own personal dramas. The show’s structure was among the standout features of the series, with new episodes airing five times a week, with each day focusing on a different client and then repeating the process every week, just like a real therapist’s schedule.

Aduba, who recently gave a stand-out performance in the FX limited series Mrs. America, will take over for Byrne as Dr. Brooke Lawrence, the therapist at the center of the In Treatment reboot. Per HBO, the reboot will bring “a diverse trio of patients in session with the observant, empathetic Dr. Brooke Lawrence while she wrestles with her own issues in this half-hour drama series.” No additional casting announcements have been made, but it’s quite possible the reboot will snag equally high-profile stars for the series. During the original run, the supporting cast included Debra WingerDane DeHaanAmy Ryan, Blair UnderwoodMia Wasikowska, and Dianne Wiest. Given the unique structure of the original, it’s possible we could see an Aduba-led season which plays with it and possibly allows for a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style viewing experience where viewers can tune into the storylines based on the patient and then piece things together as they go along. To be fair, that technically only works in a streaming situation, but hey, anything’s possible in this current TV landscape.

In Treatment‘s new season is expected in 2021.


via Collider

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