‘Strange Talent Of Luther Strode’ Movie Adaption is in the Works!!

The Image Comics series The Strange Talent of Luther Strode will be adapted into a film by a new production company called Allnighter. Created by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore, the Luther Strode comic ran for six issues starting in 2011, returning for two subsequent series in 2012 and 2015. The series centers around Luther Strode, a teenager who orders a catalog advertised in a comic book hoping to get muscles quickly; instead, he is given an instruction manual from a murder cult and enhanced psychic abilities that come with a cost.

THR exclusive reports that The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is now in development. Jordan and Moore are acting as producers on the comics adaptation, and Jordan is responsible for writing the screenplay. Allnighter was formed earlier this year by Dinesh Shamdasani, Amanda Kruse, and Hunter Gorinson. Shamdasnai, Kruse, and Gorinson previously worked with a production company called Hivemind to bring Netflix’s The Witcher and Amazon’s The Expanse to life. In a statement, writer Jordan shared his thoughts on the adaptation:

“Luther Strode remains one of my very favorite things I’ve ever worked on and getting the chance to bring it to a new audience as a film is exciting beyond belief.” Especially since Allnighter is dedicated to staying true to all of the foundations — from the tone to the mythology, and, of course, the kinetic action exemplified by Tradd’s artwork — that people have loved about the comic.”

Comic book adaptations have been a wildly successful craze over the past few years. With more and more comics being made into big pictures and television series, it’s clear that audiences can’t get enough. As comic book movies saturate the market, more gritty and complex series are being adapted for the big screen. With the original creators on board for the project and Allnighter’s commitment to the original story, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode adaptation should provide fans with an exciting reimagining of the original comic.


via Screen Rant

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