‘Wonder Woman 1984’: WB Still Committed to Christmas Release!!

Currently, Warner Bros. is still committed to keeping Wonder Woman 1984‘s release on Christmas Day of this year. Scheduling movies has been something of a nightmare this year, as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered theaters for a large portion of the year and forced studios to delay their biggest projects. While some theaters have finally begun reopening around the globe and in the United States, box office numbers are still rather dire, at least when it comes to the latter. As a result, several movies scheduled for the end of 2020, like Black Widow and No Time to Die, have fled to next year in the hopes of getting a better chance at success.

Long ago, Wonder Woman 1984 was actually planned for release in 2019, but Warner Bros. moved it to June 2020 in a move that has proved devastating in hindsight. When the pandemic effectively destroyed the summer movie season, Warner Bros. delayed the highly-anticipated sequel multiple times. The most recent change sent Wonder Woman 1984 from early October to December 25, where it has remained for some time now. Still, though, analysts doubt that Wonder Woman 1984 will be able to hold onto that date.

For the time being, Warner Bros. plans on keeping Wonder Woman 1984 as a holiday present for fans. In a new interview with Variety, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group chair-CEO Ann Sarnoff confirmed that as of right now, the studio is committed to releasing Wonder Woman 1984 in December. However, Warner Bros. intends to keep an eye on theater conditions within the next few weeks before they make their final decision. “It really is about how the U.S. continues to open, and whether there are any other surges,” Sarnoff said. “We’ve got a little bit of time to figure that out.”

Earlier this month, Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins admitted she’s uncertain about whether her highly-anticipated film will be able to keep its December date. Though a good number of movie theaters have reopened in the US, major markets like New York City and Los Angeles remain closed, and even in places where theaters have thrown open their doors, attendance is low. If the circumstances don’t improve within the next month, expect Wonder Woman 1984 to become a 2021 movie.

Provided theatergoing conditions do improve, though, it would be rather nice to have a movie like Wonder Woman 1984 debut in December. Save for Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet, movie buffs haven’t seen a major theater release since March. Wonder Woman 1984 was one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and though 2020 has been far from perfect, getting to see the movie by New Year’s could lift some spirits. Of course, that’s entirely dependent on whether theaters are safe for patrons, and whether Warner Bros. chooses to keep it on its current schedule.


via Screen Rant

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