‘Inside Pixar’ Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes!! Check It Out!!

The word Pixar has a magic to it and conjures images more closely associated with Santa’s workshop or the hallowed halls of Walt Disney Imagineering; mysterious places where next-level geniuses toil to make the impossible a reality. And it’s true – there’s no place on earth quite like Pixar, a company that was born from an experimental division of George LucasIndustrial Light & Magic and went on to become one of the most celebrated and successful animation studios of all time, responsible for stone cold classics like Toy Story, Coco and the upcoming Soul. And for those who want a behind-the-scenes look at the studio, the curtain is being pulled back via a brand-new Disney+ original documentary series, called Inside Pixar. And what’s more – we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the trailer for the series (which streams on Disney+ beginning this Friday). Behold!

We’ll have our full review of Inside Pixar soon, but each installment is about ten minutes and focuses on a different aspect of Pixar. The first batch of episodes are labeled “Inspired,” and look at how the various geniuses at Pixar generate their fabulous, next-level ideas – filmmakers like Kemp Powers (co-director of Soul) and Dan Scanlon (director of Onward) are profiled, alongside Deanna Marsigliese, a character and costume designer for the studio who contributed memorably to Soul and Toy Story 4 and who is working on the upcoming Luca (you actually get to see that movie’s creatures for the first time in her doc) and Steven Hunter, who wrote and directed the LGBTQ+-themed Pixar Sparkshort “Out” and Jessica Heidt, a longtime script supervisor at the company who came up with a groundbreaking project that’s too good for us to ruin here.

via Collider

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