‘Some Good News’ Is Back with Dwayne Johnson as ‘Dwanta Claus’!!

Throughout the history of Christmas cinema, we’ve seen many iterations of Santa Claus, the jolly man in a red suit who jumps down your chimney and, if you’re lucky, chucks a PS5 at you before bouncing. We’ve seen him be funny, we’ve seen him be heartwarming. But we ain’t never seen a ginormous, cheat meal-loving, buff AF Santa Claus whose muscles positively rip through his red suit — and that’s including Santa with Muscles! Luckily for us, I’ve got some good news. “Some Good News,” that John Krasinski-hosted web series focusing on bright things in a year full of darkness, has a Christmas episode, and that Christmas episode features Dwayne Johnson as “Dwanta Claus,” giving us all a ginormous, buff AF smile this holiday season.

This is the first episode Krasinski has put out since his selling of the show premise to CBS All Access (sorry, Paramount Plus, I think), and it’s a doozy. Beyond his visits with other famous friends like Justin Timberlake and George Clooney (doing the weather, a gig he’s pretty good at), this episode’s centerpiece is, for good reason, Dwanta Claus. Johnson virtually chats with all kinds of fans and folks in need this holiday season and helps them out with charm, empathy, and style to spare (if they ever decided to mass-produce a Dwanta hat, they would sell a Rock-bicep-sized fortune). Also, the closing credits feature an adorable kid singing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” with a ukulele, so, like, watch this immediately and get your good news on.

Check out the full holiday episode of “Some Good News,” with Dwayne Johnson in all his Santa Claus glory, below.


via Collider

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